It’s all about the mix.

Part treasure box, part art gallery, the Bobbie Medlin store is a delight to visit and an experience for your curatorial nature. Unique jewelry, figurative sculpture, specially chosen antique engravings, rare african art, and contemporary paintings are among other surprises you’ll find. If you believe it’s all about the mix, you’ll be glad to have us on your list of favorite shops.

(from the Washington Post 01/09/08)
“…The result is a whole-house cabinet of curiosities, a term used to describe how 18th-century collectors displayed their treasured bits of flora and fauna — though Medlin’s flair and sense of the dramatic would probably be beyond 18th-century imaginings. Some entertaining juxtapositions: a pale stone cherub’s head surrounded by smooth river stones inside a matte-black fireplace; violins propped in clear glass vases on the massive dining room table; an enormous Kuan Yin, the Buddhist goddess of compassion, seeming to join the conversation by the living room sofas. And everywhere, little vignettes, some of them humorous, such as the eyeglasses perched on the nose of the Chinese wise man statue that Medlin and her husband, Matt , call Mr. Kang.” (more)